Jenny has been creating art since grade school and started sprinkling dye powder over ice in 2019 and hasn’t looked back since.
Bringing a colorful life into pieces makes me smile. Each item is uniquely hand dyed and made with love in my studio in the sky. Inspiration is drawn from walks along Lake Michigan, flowers at the market, sunsets on vacation and sometime just my mood.  The detailed process takes several steps and several days.  From prewash to the soak in a solution that makes sure the dye is permanently set, the ice is the real star of the show in this process. The ice encourages the dye powder to split, creating beautiful, organic, one of a kind patterns with colors you would expect, along with a few you might not!   

I love each piece just as much as the last, and I hope to bring some color to your life and home.

Thank you for supporting small business.